Welcome to FM Tahiti

Welcome to the FMTahiti blog. I’m a long time Championship and Football Manager player who has found themselves drawn towards saves in odd, edited, databases. I also love statistics, analysis and tactics (especially hoofball).

I’ve dabbled in YouTube, host the Dictate the Game podcast from time to time, and write for the Dictate the Game website.

Below you can browse posts about my save games in my custom Semi-Fictional French Polynesia, Football Manager and Statistics, and other stories/blogs.


Lokomotiv Lipp-Zig and other FM Stories

Lokomotiv Lipp-Zig

“I am sorry Justin. The board just decided to go in a different direction.” Justin gritted his teeth and nodded. […]

Statistics and By The Numbers

Making xG easy for FM20

I’ve written at length about expected goals (xG), expected assists, xG against and even received pass impact for Dictate the […]

FM20 Statistics in Focus

I’ve already covered with the By the Numbers post and series that I’m a bit of a nerd. I love […]

My Squad Views

La Orana! (Hello in Tahitian for those in the know). I’ve got some squad views. They might be helpful. They […]

FM in French Polynesia