Hoofball, Longball, Direct, Kick and Rush. From Pulis, to Big Sam Allardyche, Graham Taylor and Wimbledon of old.

Dafuge & Data: Season Summary 10 – It’s a nice round number

We’ve made it to season 10. Hurray! Actually because my wordpress has been a steaming pile of Seagull droppings I’ve actually finished season 11 but all the posts are backed up. This post is brought to you by the Tor browser, and my l33t hacking skills. If you want to catch up on the last 9 season then please check […]

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Dafuge & Data: Big Sam’s Ghost

Although we are in 2028 I’m pretty sure Big Sam is still alive and kicking. Though probably retired. So whilst his actual ghost is not haunting the Flamingo Land Stadium the general spirit and ethos of Big Sam is. It’s our first season in the Championship and we are in real danger of just going back down. We spend £3.6m […]

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Dafuge & Data: Stats and Summary Season Four

It’s all go here at Flamingo Land Stadium but before we get onto the details and summary of our fourth season with Scarborough you might want to check previous updates: Background Longball and DNA Season One Summary Season Two Summary Season Three Summary Problem Right backs Striker Health Checks Klingon Tactics Transfers After a season of mid-table mediocrity (which was […]

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