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Lokomotiv Lipp-zig 6: Nun haben wir den Salat

Lipp-zig loves A Bonk Leaning over in his seat Lipp whispered dramatically to Justin. “I think a good Bonk is exactly what Lipp-zig needs.” “Erm, what?” Justin was sat next to Lipp in the stuffy media room. Normally this claustrophobic pre-fab room was used for pre-match interviews or some of the shoddy programmes recorded for Lokomotiv Lipp-zigs in-house TV channel […]

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Lokomotiv Lipp-Zig

“I am sorry Justin. The board just decided to go in a different direction.” Justin gritted his teeth and nodded. He’d spent the last three season here in Leipzig. Working hard for Lokomotiv as assistant manager to Wolfgang Wolf. Hard years for the English assistant out of his comfort zone, but rewarding years. He’d collected some badges, made a name […]

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