Dafuge & Data: Choosing (Stats and) Violence

Choose Life. Choose Long Throws. Choose Hard Tackles. Choose Stats. Choose Directed and Purposeful Violence. Just when you thought football at Scarborough couldn’t get anymore thuggish! We’ve managed to escalate the level of grievous bodily harm found on the pitch, home and away. But it’s not mindless thuggery and violence. Oh no. It’s targeted and informed by statistics. We have […]

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Dafuge & Data: Stats and Summary Season Four

It’s all go here at Flamingo Land Stadium but before we get onto the details and summary of our fourth season with Scarborough you might want to check previous updates: Background Longball and DNA Season One Summary Season Two Summary Season Three Summary Problem Right backs Striker Health Checks Klingon Tactics Transfers After a season of mid-table mediocrity (which was […]

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Dafuge & Data: Stats and Summary Season Three

Welcome back to Scarborough for our third season summary, and our very first in the Vanarama National. It’s always difficult to know what to expect after promotion, especially when it’s a little ahead of schedule. But we had pleased the Seagull God with the progress made, even if this season turned into a slog. Recruitment Summary With a promotion comes […]

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