For any post that has potential links to my FMTahiti YouTube channel. My FM19 and FM20 Tahiti series are there, as is my Beta By The Numbers FM20 save, and Statistics with FM Tahiti.

FM20 Statistics in Focus

I’ve already covered with the By the Numbers post and series that I’m a bit of a nerd. I love statistics and use them in my real job fairly frequently. I’ve generally extended that to Football Manager as well. It’s not simply because I love a good spreadsheet though. Whether we realise it or not our lives are pretty much […]

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What is (Beta) By the Numbers?

I was looking for something different to do with my FM20 beta save whilst I waited for my Tahiti database. I needed some time to prepare Tahiti but I wanted to to be playing and recording in the meantime. So I went back to my statistics routes. I had put together a mini-series on using stats in FM19, and thought […]

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Tahiti : Why I play Football Manager somewhere a little different

Welcome to Fictional French Polynesia! By that I don’t mean that French Polynesia is not real – it is. As far as I know. I’ve not been but I’ve seen photographs. I just mean the version of French Polynesia in this Football Manager blog has been reimagined. Creatively reassembled, with added layers of extrapolation and outright fabrication. As part of […]

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