Dafuge & Data: How to Solve a Problem Like my Right Back

We’ve got a problem. And I’ve kind of telegraphed it in the title. It’s like a whodunnit where they reveal it at the start and then work backwards. Except instead of a butler who has committed a crime we have a situation where decent football has died at the hands of my terrible right back. First signs of a problem […]

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FM20 Statistics in Focus

I’ve already covered with the By the Numbers post and series that I’m a bit of a nerd. I love statistics and use them in my real job fairly frequently. I’ve generally extended that to Football Manager as well. It’s not simply because I love a good spreadsheet though. Whether we realise it or not our lives are pretty much […]

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What is (Beta) By the Numbers?

I was looking for something different to do with my FM20 beta save whilst I waited for my Tahiti database. I needed some time to prepare Tahiti but I wanted to to be playing and recording in the meantime. So I went back to my statistics routes. I had put together a mini-series on using stats in FM19, and thought […]

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